Pantai Ide or Ide beach in English is one of the most famous place in Sorowako South Sulawesi Indonesia. This beach well known for its beauty and elegance from every angle. Located in approximately 500 meters (1500 feet) above sea level, this beach is the epicenter of the deepest lake in the country - Lake Matano. See also this article to know more about Lake Matano - Mysteriously Beautiful Lake Matano.

Pantai Ide originally come from the word pantai D (pronounced as "de" in Bahasa Indonesia), for certain time pantai D - people re-pronounced it with pantai Ide up to this time. This beach is the epicenter of activity of people around Sorowako, Wasuponda, Wawondula and surounding area.

1 Lightning strike·is happen frequently over Lake Matano and the best spot to photograph it is from the bridge of Pantai Ide.

2 Blue hour time over the bridge of Pantai Ide - the golden light come from the Halogen light near by.

3 East view of the bridge in blue hour and slow speed photography.

4 West view of Pantai Ide with reflected shadow of nearby bushes. It just awesome.

Gear involved; Nikon D7000, Tokina 12-24 and f*ck*n' broken remote made in China.

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